crafted in Pennsylvania, USA
Makers of esteemed icons of history,
Penncraft Enterprises
Makers of esteemed icons of history,
As your visitors bring their
Penncraft-forged originals
to your register, they know they
are holding authentic replicas
which echo back as long as
280 years to America's colonial era,
when true patriots struggled
to create our cherished nation.

These precious reminders of America's rich history are unique, collectible, and many are still made the old-fashioned way: blistering-hot molten metal is hand-poured, one at a time, into old mouldes, each made to absolutely perfect scale. 

Attention to detail is obvious at first sight, from the dentils on the wheels of the cannons, to the exact replication of the crack in the Liberty Bell mounted atop a block of old, hand-stained wood. 

The heft of each of our gift and souvineer items also makes an immediate impression: your customers will instantly know that these American-made works will be long esteemed by their new owners as much as they are by their makers and purveyors.

You may select from our four exclusive collections: Colonial Heritage, Revolutionary War, Civil War  and Naval & Maritime.

Quality and Service: the Penncraft Heritage

It is all about quality craftsmanship, which, for the discerning visitor, yields a premium over lesser-valued alternatives. Our items sell at a high margin because of instant recognition of their enduring value.

These uniquely American-made Penncraft items have been sold in famous museums and at popular historical sites since 1955. More than souvineers, they are fond rememberances of special places visited.  Today, people buy our fine products in such high-profile places as Valley Forge, the Liberty Bell Museum, Gettysburg National Military Park Museum, Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon.

We invite you to browse our products and to inquire about including quality Penncraft items in your inventory of wares. Please know that we are committed to the success of our purveyor-partners, and the quality of our service matches the incredible reputation of our products. Because we know that history matters.

crafted in Pennsylvania, USA
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